Brand Story

Homesay is a new brand journey story according to changing world predictions. Producing practical, simple and plain designs for living spaces, Homesay aims to create homes that are a stage where you can talk, laugh and show your skills. Because in our homes, which is the most important part of our lives, to every item, every accessory; the energy of the house, the story of everything spoken and experienced are transferred. That's when the silence breaks down while you lean on your sofa.

If you listen carefully; "Your Home Talks."


The aim of Homesay as a brand is to create economic flexibility and simplicity in retail guests, and to create a stylish, strong and unequal brand image in the world market. For this, Homesay, acting in accordance with an extremely strong process management plan from raw material quality to R&D process, also turns the dilemmas in the target market into an important opportunity for itself and its guests with its experienced staff. Homesay, embracing the young generation struggling to stand on their own feet, aims to help all dreamers who work to achieve their dreams find themselves in their living spaces.

It aims to enable all dreamers working to achieve their dreams to discover themselves in their living spaces.

About Us

Homesay is a strong initiative of a team that has an active marketing life in the sector for 22 years. It confirms this thesis not only with this powerful initiative, but also with the many elements it brings with it. With its architects, photographers, designers and the brand managers, the brand aims to be a young and dynamic brand in the furniture market of Turkey.

Achieving these goals in a short time, Homesay aims to make a rapid entry into the international market by opening a digital store all over the world with its retail store opened in İnegöl, the capital of furniture, and with the cooperation it has established with Digital Furniture Fair. Experience, energy and power of design meet at Homesay.

Experience, energy and power of design meet at Homesay.


Homesay aims to bring together everyone, who has a taste, with quality furniture with the communication it realizes. Everything, from the selection of the color palette to the texture of the raw material used, is designed in accordance with the anatomy of the eye and away from a tiring look. Homesay, which aims to bring home to the most elegant and simple structure with minimal lines, is working to be the representative and brand ambassador of Furniture of Turkey all over the world. While Homesay positions itself as a living space start-up realized by its founding partners, it also takes a practical and fluid process management from its professionalism. Homesay invites you to a quality and comfortable journey, while offering you elegance according to your budget, a world of design according to your tastes and living spaces where you and your loved ones will be on the stage.